Selection Process

Criteria for selection of nominees for the Houston Sports Awards

Any athlete, coach or administrator, male or female, living or deceased, that has either played or served in sport in the Houston area, or is from the Houston area and played or served in sport, is eligible for nomination for the Houston Sports Awards.

Number of people on the Selection Committee

There shall be at least 21 members on the Selection Committee. The Committee shall be comprised of sportswriters and electronic sports media members who reside, work or cover Houston area sports. One member of the Committee shall serve as the chairman.



2019 nominations are closed.



A selection committee will vote every year to determine who is placed on the official Houston Sports Awards ballot.

The ballot is comprised to ten categories – three (3) Legacy Awards and seven (7) Category Awards.

The Legacy Awards will be determined by nominations by the committee. If there are clear-cut winners after the nominations, there will be no vote.

The Category Awards will be narrowed to a minimum of three finalists, but can be expanded to five finalists. The finalists will be determined by nominations from the selection committee. In categories with online polls can be used to determine/help determine finalists.

The three Legacy Winners and the Category nominees will be invited to the Houston Sports Awards. The Harris County – Houston Sports Authority staff will prepare the bios once the ballot has been selected, and nominees will be announced

The ballot will be approved by the Selection Committee chairman and voted on by the Selection Committee.

Acceptance Process

All nominees will be invited to the Houston Sports Awards show & Gala. Winners need not be present to win, but must accept either in person or via live or taped video.