Carson Riley

The 12-year-old Houston Astros fan became a player and fan favorite when he nearly caught Carlos Correa’s  homer during Game 2 of the American League Championship Series. As the Yankees’ Aaron Judge went for the ball,  Carson put his glove out. The ball glanced off Carson’s glove,  rolled off his mother’s lap and landed at his dad’s feet. Judge looked up and nodded that Carson, wearing a rainbow Astros throwback jersey, had not interfered. After that, the full story came out. Carson’s older brother, Cade, had died a month before at the age of 15 in an ATV accident near the family’s home in Liberty Hill, which is about three hours from Houston.  The family wasn’t planning to attend the game but when the Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians and the Astros opened the ALCS with two games at home, the family took the trip to Houston for those games to take their minds off the sadness at home. The catch and everything that led up to and including Carson winding up with Correa’s home run ball is a remarkable story.